Where to start?


How can I cover the current and future regulatory requirements in my industry for Track & Trace?


What are the perspective, agenda and direction of official Bodies, industry associations and standard organizations?


Where is industry heading? What are the worldwide standards?


Which other peers have already implemented such a solution? What are the client expectations?


How can I define  ROI and business values beyond compliance? Do you have a Change Management initiative?

 How can I establish Service Level Agreement between all my trading partners? How to establish a risk approach? How are exceptions handled?


How can I preserve the throughput and OEE performance along the supply chain?

What are the cost consideration?

Have you a plan for managing the impact on Master Data Management and being ready for next regulations on Master Data?


Do you have the capability to communicate serialization event data to external systems? have you considered chain of custody requirements? have you explored Blockchain solutions ?