Cellular superiority vs rfid

  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology enables greater precision and flexibility,

  • RFID needs an expensive infrastructure to operate. – BLE is very scalable,

  • BLE’s not merely deliver location coordinates; they enable interactions with mobile apps that communicate with customers and add value in new ways. - RFID does not come with an inherent compatibility with mobile,

  • No readers required with BLE. – RFID readers are large and expensive,

  • Dynamic and instant configurability using BLE’s for 100s or 1000s of products. - Not possible in RFID,

  • Power and interference issues with RFID result in data inaccuracy. – BLE solves this issue.

  • Passive RFID and infrared require significant investments in cabling, power sources, readers, and antennas, the BLE infrastructure is simple to install and battery-powered. This means you’ll spend up to ten times less than alternative infrastructure-heavy solutions while still getting accurate location data.