AndVista consultants are PMP certified with and extensive experience in managing complex international projects in the area of customer logistics, supply chain management and traceability programs. We bring our competences in leading the technical development and the supplier / customer relationship. We operate from business case to fully implemented track and trace capabilities. We also can help you with company representation at industry forums (GS1, ETSI, AIM, EPC Global, Counterfeit SIG, …). We can proactively guide your  new technologies explorations (IoT, EPCIS, Blockchain … ) and industry standards compliance to ensure Company world-class leadership.

Our Project Management approach is based on:

  • Efficient Program management (PMP),

  • Entrepreneurial spirit specific know-how and skills,

  • External and independent vision,

  • Application and re-application of 'Best Practices'.

  • High level phased project plan with risk approach and procurement plan with best TCO, Governance model and recommendations necessary to implement the changes,

  • Project management and execution for implementation of the recommendations,

  • Technology watch unit, competitive intelligence and position of Company peers,

  • Representation of our clients on standards committees to stay in front of practices: To keep you abreast of the evolution of supply chain technologies and standards,

  • Service Level Agreement and KPI between all players in the supply chain,

  • Managing, developing and executing serialization / track & trace implementation activities

  • Lead/Manage multiple projects to provide world-class solutions across departments and deliver expectations within time and budget,

  • A comprehensive definition of current and emerging regulatory requirements globally and the implications in the near and long term,

  • A listing of key stakeholders, their perspectives, agendas and direction, including regulatory authorities, industry associations and standards organizations,

  • A detailed IT landscape strategy and new infrastructure: Serial number management, data exchange, security, ERP, event management, interoperability…

  • A printing and labeling strategy for packaging lines.

Our Project deliverables include:

We can lead, help or advice in the below project

initiation or audit tasks:

  • Strategy revision, development and validation,

  • Feasibility plan,

  • Readiness assessment,

  • Gap analysis,

  • Design and execute proof of concepts, 

  • Business case development,

  • Establish investment plans,

  • Document and initiate Request for Proposal,

  • Technological evaluation versus business requirements,

  • Establish Implementation roadmap,

  • Team setup,

  • Project evaluation: deliverable - costs – time,

  • Evaluate Technology Portfolio,

  • Industrialization: from pilot to full implementation,

  • Workshop: map and match processes.