Strategic Consulting, Great Results
Our offering takes advantage of advances in Big Data and Analytics, the ability to link people, things and businesses with Cloud Platform, and technologies such as machine learning to enable IoT and Industry 4.0 strategies across digital logistics, manufacturing and asset management. We help business comply with emerging standards and enable them to use smart tracking to address issues such as counterfeiting, diversion, making the supply safer and boosting product availability. We help companies become more competitive through improved insights, better visibility and automated intelligence.


Interface with ERP systems from cloud database

Status monitoring of assets, parcels, and people in real time

Associate global positioning system (GPS)-based tracking with other transactional data

Apply analytics to identify wider improvement opportunities and best practices

Delivery operation 

Real time location on racks and pallets for pick

Visual of the entire inventory at any given point in time

Multi-level view including in-transit and at-rest inventory

Preventing costly out-of-stock situations. Sensors alert the item’s exact location for corrective action

Dynamic reallocation of inventory


IPhone app based authentication of purchase,

Checkout optimization, Autopay – no checkout

In-store guidance for shoppers,

Mobile payments, including Apple Pay,

Analytics-driven approach that applies intelligence to the context of the consumer.

Change Management
While potential business benefits are significant like, real-time decision making, better asset management and increased compliance, harvesting them requires more than simple technology implementations.
This offering helps provide information on demand and address critical business needs:

  • Being compliant with Regulation everywhere,
  • innovating by creating new intelligence to identify business opportunities,
  • improving efficiency,
  • making better use of information for improved decision making.

We operate in 3 phases:

  • Strategy and planning required for implementing Track and Trace,
  • Recognition of decisions required in the proceeding phases (Business Value Analysis),
  • Implementation.

AndVista 's biggest differentiator is our capacity to mobilise an ecosystem of experts in each aspect of your traceability project: cGMP auditors, certification organisms, specialised lawyers in international legislations and regulations, technology experts and project management professionals...